Bag No 2 – Watercolour Bali Bag

Having got the bag bug, well and truly, I had to make some more but needed a change from a simple ‘dressmaking’ type pattern.  This time I bought a pattern from one of the Harrogate needlecraft exhibitions, produced by Pennypot Fabrics this was a kit, which included some beautiful batik fabrics along with the pattern and instructions for making the bag.

When I opened the pack I  was quite delighted to find that even the fabric which had been supplied for the lining was a batik and that there was enough to make the lining and have pockets which would be big enough for a wallet/purse and a mobile phone.

The technique for making the patches used a squared fusible interfacing (also supplied as part of the kit) which seemed like a very good idea in theory but which, in practice, was really quite fiddly because the interfacing tended to stretch as more fabrics were sewn together so the whole piece didn’t remain square which made it difficult to match up the lines throughout.

Despite this I was pleased with the result again.  Handbags, in true girly style, I was hooked!


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