Where to begin?

During the recent spell of snow, which has hit the whole country, I have spent so much time looking at other people’s wonderful creative blogs that I thought it would be good to start my own.

I have been making ‘stuff’ all my life (more than 40 years) as a child I used to draw most of the time then at the age of about 12 I started with dressmaking and knitting and since then I’ve tried all sorts of arts and crafts.  At high school I specialised in something which I thoroughly enjoyed, A level lettering and calligraphy.  Then I went on to do an art foundation course as part of my degree (that included various methods of printing, pottery, photography, sculpture – wonderful!).  Often I am not very happy with with the results of my labours.  However, I do sometimes manage to create things which, I am surprised to find, I really love.  I am hoping that by making my achievements and disasters public I might actually be inspired to persevere, to keep focussed so that I actually finish more items and improve my skills – working on the principle that practice makes perfect (I wish).

Anyway now I plan to go away and take pictures of some of my recent and favourite makes then continue from there with my current undertakings, work in progress and future projects (there is always a considerable pile in the last two categories!)

I hope you will like some of my creations and the general ramblings of the blog even though I’m completely new to this!


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