Planned Projects – Prima Skirt

This is a pattern which I have had for ages and used again and again (since 2006 I think)  so I am sure it won’t be available any more.

The pattern was published in Prima magazine as a summer skirt pattern but I have made it in various fabrics, from linen to corduroy, all of which have been successful.

As with most of my dressmaking projects I am waiting until I have a full day to work on this.

Whenever possible I like to make something one day and then wear it the next.


6 thoughts on “Planned Projects – Prima Skirt

  1. suzanne mortimer says:

    Hi i am searching for a Prima skirt pattern circa 1990/99 for a slim skirt with buttons all the way down the back. Can you help? It was a true favourite… then I moved house and lost it!Bless You, Suzanne

    • Beverley says:

      Suzanne, I will certainly look for you. I don’t know how far back my collection of Prima patterns go but I do have a lot so it may be there. Will look and let you know either way. B

      • suzanne mortimer says:

        Thanks Beverley,
        Actually I should have typed 1998-1999! Hope that makes your search a little easier 🙂 I remember the dates so well as I was nursing my dying husband at home at the time and making the skirts was a good distraction. I am now happily remarried but would still like to sew them again! xxx

      • Beverley says:

        I finally managed to locate all my old patterns but sadly they don’t go back that far, my collection starts in around 2004. Sorry, I would have liked to have found it for you.

      • suzanne mortimer says:

        Thanks Beverley could you suggest anywhere/anyone else that I might try?

      • Beverley says:

        I am sorry Suzanne, I can’t think of anyone but if I get any ideas I will let you know.

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