Funky Retro Fabric

It’s been a busy week for me due to family matters and I thought I wouldn’t find any time at all either to relax or to make something.

However, I finally got some free time today and opted to start  by making  something simple which, if I was lucky enough not to have any  distractions, I might possibly start and finish in one day.  The pattern I chose was a very simple one, made in two pieces, back and front with the neck and sleeves hemmed along with the bottom of the skirt.

I had already bought 4 metres of a funky retro jersey fabric from  a stall in Leeds market (a serious bargain at only £1 a metre).  I bought 4 metres knowing that there would probably be a flaw somewhere in the fabric (the obvious reason for it being so cheap) and on inspection there were a couple of quarter inch holes near the selvedge where the fabric had obviously been caught  up and ripped.   Because I had allowed for this and bought far more than I needed I have still ended up with enough to make two items.   I dug this old Vogue Elements pattern out and planned on making two dresses, one short and one long really to establish which I like best.  I have only used this pattern once before and didn’t like the outcome because I found the plain black jersey which I used on that occasion attracted lots of bits (not a good thing with two dogs around!) hopefully a patterned fabric would ensure better results.

And do you think I was right?

I am really happy with the result  – this is not the sort of fabric or style I would normally wear but as it fits (and suits) me I have decided that I should think about being a bit more adventurous with what I will wear in future.  The dress fits really well and the way it hangs without clinging makes me think it will be lovely and comfortable for  summer evenings (if we actually have a summer this year!) Another success!

I’ve looked online for the pattern which is probably 7 or 8 years old and the only reference I can find is a pattern review written in 2002 on . You have to be a member to read the reviews but it is easy to sign up and there is a free membership option.

I still have to make the short version of the dress so I will add a photo when I do, hopefully in the next few days since it is cut our ready to make up.


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