Midweek Project – Dyed Denim Jacket

I thought I would do something different this week and dye a denim Jacket.  I love to use dyes to update or change items which I don’t get good use out of for one reason or another.  In the past I have dyed clothes, shoes and handbags.  I have always stuck to dyeing natural fibres like cotton or linen and leather and my earlier results have usually been good. (In more adventurous times I have done batik, tie dying and used fabric paints and pastels to add colour to an old item, all good fun.)

So this time I have decided to re-vamp this jacket which I bought last year on eBay for £5 and have hardly ever worn.

Continuing with the brown and lime green theme which I’ve got going recently I’ve bought a brown Dylon washing machine dye and hopefully I will end up with a new brown denim jacket which might go with some of my summer clothes and which I might wear a bit more.  I will add a picture of the finished article once it’s been dyed, washed and dried …


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