Japanese Shima (Stripe) Bag

long time no post again I’m afraid!!

For one reason and another I have been preoccupied with other concerns during the past few weeks,  I’ve still been trying to fit my creative ventures in between work and family priorities but haven’t achieved much until the last week or two.

Since bags are my favourite endeavour at the moment I had to get back into creative mode by starting on this lovely kit which my mum bought me as a Christmas present from one of the craft shows last year.

This bag kit was very inexpensive (only £8) and included the pattern and fabrics – I just had to add my own wadding (Hobbs fusible) and trimmings to fasten the bag.  I decided to keep the design simple and use a cord and toggle fastener

I think these fabrics are lovely and the pattern so simple that I had to go out shopping, to use my bag as soon as possible!

This is the finished bag, I’ve taken pictures of both sides as the fabrics differ giving each side a slightly different character:

Front of bag:

Back of bag:

Reminder of the stockists link 🙂

One thought on “Japanese Shima (Stripe) Bag

  1. Heather says:

    I love the bag. I have a lot of stuff I need to do. With four kids running around it’s impossable!

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