Twisted Roses Bag

This pattern is really lovely, I saw it in a magazine over a year ago but didn’t buy the magazine (a definite case of ‘you stupid woman’) then saw the magazine again at one of last years shows and made up for my earlier mistake.

I am making this particular bag for a couple of events which are planned later this year.  First of all my elder son’s graduation ceremony which is in a few weeks time and then for a friend’s wedding in September.  I really hope that the unpredictable  English summer weather stays good for both!

The roses are made by pleating a large square of fabric (9”) on to a smaller square of backing fabric (6”) then twisting and stitching the resulting ‘hump’ into a rose and tacking the folds into place.  Using a graduated print such as batik gives a lovely shaded appearance.  I’ve chosen shades of fuchsia and purple (can you tell I like these colours?) to go with the outfit I plan to wear and am really happy with the results so far.

The image shows progress so far, with 9 hand stitched roses pinned on to the bag (which comprises outer, wadding & lining) I absolutely loved making the flowers for this, it was something really therapeutic to do in front of the TV so I will try to find time (after I’ve finished the bag!) to write a tutorial for them as it is something I just have to share! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Hope to be able to show you the finished bag in a day or so.


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