According to Plan?

Does anything in life go according to plan?  I think not!

Having finished the Twisted Roses bag in good time for its first planned outing and looking forward to using it for the first time it turned out that the weather on the day of my son’s degree ceremony was the worst possible, absolutely torrential rain and blustery wind which started even before we set off and continued without a break all day long.  So we went to Newcastle but the bag stayed at home (for its own safety and the protection of everything which would have been carried inside it!)

Image shows graduates and their families outside Newcastle City Hall after the degree ceremony – with quite a few people struggling to control their brollies in the wind!

Leaving my new fabric bag at home was probably the best decision under the circumstances because everyone got absolutely soaked through and after all there will be other opportunities to take it out.

However, quite unexpectedly, despite (and possibly because) of the atrocious conditions we had a great and really memorable day – it was so funny everyone dressed up and trying to look smart and composed despite the weather you just had to laugh and get on with it.  I am really glad that the weather didn’t spoil the day for us, I guess we are just used to it since it happens every summer!

Oh to be in England!


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