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With a bit more time to concentrate I’ve decided to make a few clothes.  Being on the big side I have not been happy with some of my recent dressmaking efforts, (when using a rigid fabric getting the ‘boob area’ to fit well can be a problem) hence the recent interest in bag making (as handbags don’t have to fit!).  But as sewing is a compulsion I have decided that it’s time to try again…

… I’m going to try out a new pattern, Simplicity 4277(view c) with an inexpensive fabric which I bought on Leeds market for £1 a metre.  I cut this out and started on it on Sunday and hope to get time to finish it in a day or so.  I have used a pattern one size bigger than I would usually use, so that it should hopefully be a comfortable, rather than tight fit and with any luck it will not look like a sack when I’ve finished!

(I suspect that it’s not the pattern that is the problem but me!  Not being a standard size can make dressmaking hard work – but we’ll see).


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