Twisted Rose Tutorial

Thought it was time to have a go at this.

For one twisted rose you will need a piece of fabric for the rose (shaded batiks look good for this project) and backing fabric, matching cotton thread, pins, a needle, scissors and ruler. I found that a thimble was necessary because when stitching the rose you will have to stitch through quite a few layers of fabric.  (I tried without but after doing a few of these I ended up with punctured finger ends!)

To start you will need to cut out one 7 inch square of the main fabric  and  one 4 inch square of backing fabric.  I would recommend that you use cotton fabrics for both the ‘rose’ and the backing as cotton is sufficiently fine for you to be able to stitch through multiple layers and rigid so that it won’t stretch when being twisted.

Pleat and pin the main fabric on to the backing as shown in the image below (I used 3 pleats of varying size along each side).

The following two images show the back and front of the pinned fabric square

Where the main fabric is bulked up by the pleats pinch the top with your finger and thumb then twist it fairly tightly and push it down so that it looks like a rose or rosebud.

You can lift the mound up and twist again until you are happy with the appearance of the rose, then all you need to do is stitch everything in place.  A part finished rose is shown below.

To stitch the layers down I used a combination of stitches starting with a  stab stitch in the centre to hold the bud (more or less) in place.  Then ladder stitch (invisible stitch) along the edges of each of the ‘petals’ and pleats; sewing  through all thicknesses of fabric to hold the rose and pleats in place.

Nine of these twisted rose squares were used to make the Twisted Roses Bag.
Twisted roses bag

Easier than it looks – I hope!

(Hope you find the instructions clear enough as I’ve never written a tutorial like this before but wanted to share!  Let me know if anything needs more explanation.)

Ive added a pdf version of the tutorial for download if you would like to have a printed version Twisted Roses


4 thoughts on “Twisted Rose Tutorial

  1. This is a beautifu rose! Thank you for the great tutorial – I will have to try my hand at this over the weekend!

    Wishing you sunshine today!

    Barbara Diane

  2. rosemary wilson says:

    I love this and have made it into a gorgeous cushion pink and grey will post a photo asap

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