Been Chillin’ in the North

Not done much creatively this week as we’ve been away, taking time to relax and re-charge the batteries.

The former lead miner’s terraced cottage which we stayed in, in Northumberland, (found at the last minute on was lovely, very homely and comfortable, with a wonderful outlook giving panoramic views of the countryside.  This is the view in one direction from the cottage garden, the views were the same all round this side of the cottage which was partly subterranean being built into the hillside.

Using the cottage as a base we enjoyed days out to nearby Hexham, Carlisle and Newcastle for a bit of retail therapy and visited Hadrian’s wall and the coast at Tynemouth too.

Our visit to Hadrian’s Wall (in August bear in mind) caused one to wonder how on earth the Romans ever managed acclimatise and cope with the Northumberland climate.  Even in the middle of summer the fort which we visited, Housteads, near Hexham, was clouded in mist and drizzle and this was the only time during our holiday when we had to wear raincoats to keep both warm and dry!

Anyway we’re back at home now, feeling refreshed and happy to be reunited with the hounds, Harry and Meg who, as usual, relished their midsummer baths (I don’t think!) 😉


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