Japanese style bag

I bought a lovely book at the Northern Needlecraft Exhibition in Harrogate last year, Easy Japanese Quilt Style which one of the authors, Anne, was kind enough to sign for me.

Needless to say I also bought some fabric to make one of the bags in the book and also met a lady at the show who had already made the one which I had chosen to make, which she was using that day.  Well, seeing two versions of the finished bag (one on the stand and one in use) was more than enough to inspire me.  This is the image in the book, the bag is a really good size but I was advised to put some form of stiffener into the base, which is quite a large square, to prevent it from sagging when full of stuff (which my bag usually is!)

Some people use cardboard as a stiffener for bag bottoms but I prefer to use something which will wash so I opted for plastic canvas.  This is my finished bag and I’m absolutely delighted with it.

The design of the outer is made in a really cleaver way with patched triangles sewn in a ‘pinwheel’ then joined up diagonally (the lining is cut from one piece of fabric to match the shape).  I can’t describe it adequately here so have a look at the book, buy it and of course make one for yourself.  I only made a couple of changes, adding a pocket inside and putting the ties at the top so that the bag can be loosely fastened.  I would certainly recommend this pattern and can’t wait to make some of the others in the book now!  🙂


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