New years resolution (a bit late but whatever…)

I don’t know about other crafters but I have a real problem with starting projects… then getting distracted… then making something else… or even lots of something elses… then getting distracted… starting something new again… etc…etc…etc.  End result some finished projects and sadly lots of work in progress.

So my resolution is to re-visit all my unfinished items and actually get them done.  This has led me to do some knitting for a change which has been rather pleasant as something to do in front of the TV during all the dreadful weather we have had over the last couple of months.  My first project in progress was a large cardigan (again good for the time of year) for which I’d done the back and one front then put down over a year ago.

If I remember correctly my Mum bought me the pattern and the wool ages ago

I don’t think either are available now which shows how long I store things before starting … or finishing them!  However, with a new determination to finish what I’ve started and quite a few nights in front of the telly I now have a new cardigan to snuggle up in.


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