Taken over by the bag making bug

As a means to forget the cold bug I succumbed to my bag making compulsion and decided to make another Japanese Shima (Stripe) Bag.

This was a kit my Mum bought at the same time as me but never got round to making and (being the lovely Mum that she is) gave to me to add to the set.

The images show some different parts of the process, 1) is the drawstring pocket, and toggle/loop fastening which I have added to the basic pattern (I like a bag to fasten and to have somewhere to keep my purse).

2) and 3) show the binding to cover the side seams inside the bag.

4) shows how the base of the bag is formed by stitching across the corners, through all thicknesses and 5) how the bag stands up now that the bottom conrers have ben formed.

The final image shows how I’ve sewn the drawstring pocket into  the binding at the top of the bag.  The toggle and loop are sewn in the same way.

Another bag to add to the collection.

Photo of the finished item to follow – I will take this in daylight.

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