DIY bag

Having practiced techniques by making bags from other people’s patterns I decided that it was about time I tried to design one of my own.   The plan was to come up with a basic bag design which would be adaptable to suit a number of different styles and fabrics.  I have been thinking about this for ages and ages, even in my sleep (do other craft addicts do that I wonder?  I suspect you do.)

So, with a pencil in hand and paper in front of me, I was surprised how quickly I came up with an idea, by basing the pattern on a lovely leather bag which I’d had ages and ages ago I have designed what I call a bucket bag.  Digging into the fabric stash I was soon in action, making the first one.

This image shows the lining, wadding (Hobbs fusible wadding) and outer sewn together with a phone/purse pocket stitched into the lining.

And this is the body of the bag, just the strap to add now, I think I will make this one into a shoulder bag.

Picture of the finished bag to follow when I’ve added the strap.


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