Thinking about summer

With spring definitely here, despite a return of cold weather, I’ve started thinking about making some new summer dresses and bought two patterns and some fabric to start me off.

I wanted something to remind me of the dresses I wore for my honeymoon (how soft am I!) because they were so cool and comfortable and these two patterns fit the bill.

Firstly Simplicity 5189

and secondly Simplicity 2888

I’ve bought the fabrics and already made the first one, which is loose and comfortable if we do get any hot days, (apologies for the awful photo) in a really soft polyester viscose:

The second will be a bit more tricky as I have to alter the bust to fit me so that the under-bust band actually goes where it should and not half way up my boobs – one of the disadvantages of being out of proportion and well endowed!

This is the fabric though, it’s a fairly stiff  cotton satin (I think) and I reckon it will be well worth making the effort to get the fit right.


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