Time to get back to this

Because of other priorities I have had a really long break from this blog so it is definitely time to get back to it again.  I have missed the focus it gives me, blog… create…blog…create… actually keeps me going).

Sometimes family and home have to come first though so that’s where I’ve been for the last few months.

Since last summer I’ve been helping M with his photography as his “lighting and general assistant” (if you want to look at his work visit MichaelJ, I will add a link to this).  Also because of the recession No1 son has decided to return home to get work which has meant a complete re-think of the space in the house and all my sewing and craft gear (which had taken over his room for the last 5+ years) has had to be relocated to the conservatiory.  With only an electric heater in there it has been rather cold (especially through the bad winter we’ve had this year) so all my creative projects have temporarily been on hold.  Now, with the appearance of spring, it will be a lovely place to work and the creative mood is stirring 🙂

In between times to keep myself happy I have been charity shopping and had great fun adding to my wardrobe and buying bits for the house from recycled donated items, great fun, great reward, little cost!

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