My creative space #2

Well, with the intention of getting back to making things again I have been organising my new craft room.  I have had no option but to take over the conservatory and whilst it is very cramped the light and outlook are both wonderful and most of the things I need to hand have (surprisingly) fit in. 

My books, magazines and folders have had to go along the window sills and the fabric stash is in the trunk with bits and pieces in another trunk and the bureau. This has been a bit of a challenge but I am now well on the way.  With a couple of blinds up at the window to block the direct sun which we get in the afternoon I am now approaching a position where I might be able to start to work in here.

I do like having an outlook on to the garden and I guess spring is the best time to be in here with all the activity around our nesting boxes and bird feeders – the only downside is having to keep rescuing bumble bees, butterflies and the occasional bird which unfortunately manage to fly in!  Example a blue tit who paid us a visit in 2009 –

The photo’s not particularly good but (unsurprisingly) he didn’t seem to want to have his picture taken and spent most of his time flying around and pooping!


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