Bought a little folding chair

The last item I needed to get myself going again in my new, “conservatory conversion” was a little folding chair.  Absolutely delighted that I found one that was cheap and cheerful from Poundstretcher

This is it, at £5.99 it was a bargain, it is surprisingly comfortable and it won’t take up any more space – which is just what I needed 🙂

My creative space #2

Well, with the intention of getting back to making things again I have been organising my new craft room.  I have had no option but to take over the conservatory and whilst it is very cramped the light and outlook are both wonderful and most of the things I need to hand have (surprisingly) fit in. 

My books, magazines and folders have had to go along the window sills and the fabric stash is in the trunk with bits and pieces in another trunk and the bureau. This has been a bit of a challenge but I am now well on the way.  With a couple of blinds up at the window to block the direct sun which we get in the afternoon I am now approaching a position where I might be able to start to work in here.

I do like having an outlook on to the garden and I guess spring is the best time to be in here with all the activity around our nesting boxes and bird feeders – the only downside is having to keep rescuing bumble bees, butterflies and the occasional bird which unfortunately manage to fly in!  Example a blue tit who paid us a visit in 2009 –

The photo’s not particularly good but (unsurprisingly) he didn’t seem to want to have his picture taken and spent most of his time flying around and pooping!

Room out of action!

Because of other priorities, decorating, preparation for a car boot sale (to get rid of all our unwanted and unused items) and the increasing wilderness which is spreading outside (things seems to grow out of proportion while I sleep which in the rain is a bit reminiscent of the creeping things in a horror film) and, worst of all, a sewing room which is currently out of action (being full of ladders, paper and paste) I am having to think of other ways to be creative.

I know it’s only temporary so don’t actually mind having a change but I am feeling rather lazy and out of my element 😦

My Creative Space 2

As promised earlier these are the ‘innards’ of my room where the most interesting stuff often lurks.

Above – my cupboard with a real mixture of things including embroidery threads,   knitting patterns, patchwork, stencilling box, Christmas decoration bits & pieces and, of course, the spare sewing machine!

Next – a drawer containing all my art  stuff, sketch pads, paints, pencils, brushes and my calligraphy pens.

Then – there’s my craft drawer in which I have separate plastic boxes (each one has a large section at the bottom & a divided shelf at the top) containing jewellery findings, wires, beads and tools; ribbon embroidery stuff; friendly plastic, heat gun etc; and one miscellaneous box containing all sorts of goodies like stamps and stencils, glitter and feathers.

Finally – there is the pattern drawer which holds all my collection of dressmaking patterns collected over the last 30 years or so.  Along with bags of interfacing.

In addition to this, fairly organised space, i also have homes about the house for my knitting machines, scrap fabrics and tons and tons of wool.  Maybe one day these will be given proper storage?

Well one can always dream….

My Creative Space

Now that No1 son is away in Newcastle on a more permanent basis, time to take over his room (gleeful rubbing of hands – sorry S).

I actually moved in on a sort of temporary basis 3 years ago but I think I can spread out a bit more now without feeling too guilty.  Since it’s still his room for family visits I have left his posters in situ but one day these may be replaced too, will have to see (I am finding that somehow it is really quite hard to let go).

Contents of the drawers and cupboards to follow.