Long time – no post

Sorry for the ‘disappearance’ but I’ve had an awful few weeks – various bits of family stuff along with the mother of all coughs and far, far too much to do at work.  Made worse because in between I only managed to get short bouts of (something resembling) sleep.

However, I’m on the mend now (the cough has gone albeit along with my voice!) and I’m looking forward to a return to normal with, hopefully, some time to myself over the Easter break so that I can get on with being creative again and cheer myself up a bit.

Since I’ve been feeling a bit out of sorts I have spent today messing about catching up with things on my PC and ended up playing with Wordle (described as “a toy for generating “word clouds”) to sort of illustrate how I’ve been feeling.  The first one is with words from my profile, colours are faded to signify just how washed out I’ve been feeling!

The second is taken  from the words of one of my favourite poems, The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost, more optimistic I think, now that I’m getting better.

Finally one for my hubby, who is always there for me, made using the words of Tower of Strength by the Mission (UK) no further explanation needed.

Even though it is years since I studied lettering and calligraphy I still love playing with words!  Thank you Wordle, all three of these images were produced at http://www.wordle.net/.