Lovely wallet tutorial

I’ve just found a lovely wallet tutorial on Sew Christine

I had to add a link to it –  it is so practical with pockets for notes, change, cards and everything.  Have a look.


Fingerless Gloves

My most recent craze has been for fingerless gloves or hand warmers.  I spent hours searching for free patterns and found quite a few that I liked.  What started this off was a pair of gloves I bought from Accessorize in January and the persistent thought that “I could make these”,  My favourite pattern (because I seriously wanted to avoid having to knit with 4 needles – not very practical with 2 lively dogs around) was one for a knit and crochet pair from   CREATIVEYARN pictured below as they are on the site

and then as I have made them, below.  I changed the bow to a flower, added a thumb and only used two wools as my stock of odd balls didn’t offer another complementary colour.  Also, they are a bit too chunky as I used Aran weight wool but not bad for a first try, I will use DK for the next pair.

I should add that the pattern was very straightforward and quick to make – I managed to make this pair in one evening. 🙂