Some more fabric flowers …

… this time made from brown denim taken from some jeans which I will be making into a bag (or two). Sorry for the quality of the image but it was a really bright, sunny, day in my conservatory craft room (for a change).

Brown upcycled jeans fabric flowers

The inspiration came from Creations by Kara but I made a few changes: 5 petals instead of 6; two rows of petals instead of one; a neatened square of the denim fabric for the backing; an ordinary button for the centre.  Very pleased with the result though.

Have a look at these and more ideas which I have pinned on my Fabric Flowers board on Pinterest
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Crochet and bead bracelet

I had a few bags of colour coordinated beads, bought from a craft stall at work, and had no idea what to do with them until I saw a video tutorial from Creative Kismet and pinned it on Pinterest for future reference.  See my Jewellery DIY board for this and other ideas.
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Now that I’ve broken free to actually do something, voila, some colourful crochet and bead bracelets.  For the first one I added some lilac seed beads bought from a craft fair and used a random cotton yarn (lilac and pink) for the crochet.

Purple crochet and bead bracelet

For the others I used orange cotton yarn and because I made two one of them can double as a necklace if I want to have a matching set.

Orange crochet and bead braceletsI love these funky beads and hadn’t a clue what they could be used for so I’m really happy to have found a way to use them.