Blogger Browsing

I know I haven’t blogged for a while, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy, in fact that it always my problem being tooooooo busy.  I will do a catchup soon but in the meantime …

Having been kept up until 2am last night waiting for my 16-year-old to get in, today (which was meant to be set aside for altering a new dress pattern to fit before I try it out) has actually been spent in total and utter laziness and couch potato-ing.  I am always so busy and notably too busy to blog or browse other people’s offerings for inspiration that it was really wonderful to veg out and to spend some down-time doing just that!

Through my wanderings I have found some inspirational and simple ideas which I think should be shared, from Wardrobe Refashion

Some simple top re-fashions I particularly like the idea for lengthening a short t-shirt, have a look … and a few ideas ‘pieced together‘ to good effect as a simple dress … a beautiful obi style belt made from a silk scarf … and a rather nice (ex boring housewife) dress re-fashion for spring

I do love seeing other people’s ideas in action.  Thanks to all for such inspirational ideas.


Creative Every Day Challenge

Well, in my case, as often as I can…

… anyway I have joined the Creative Every Day Challenge again as it gives me an incentive, I like the themes for each month even if I don’t chose to do them and the fact that the idea is ‘low pressure’, just join in when you can.

It is something to aspire to.