Twisted Roses Bag – Progress to Completion

Not quite a day or so but over the weekend I did make progress with and managed to complete the Twisted Roses Bag!

First of all the addition of strips of fabric across and down to cover and bind the raw edges of the individual rose squares (above).  I decided to machine stitch these because the numerous layers of fabric were so thick that I would have had to use a thimble for every stitch and I don’t really like having to use one – especially for that amount of work.  I decided to go with the uneven finish as I don’t think it detracts from this particular design.

Then turned inside out binding the side seams and bottom corners (above and below) using strips of lining fabric.

Almost there, this is the bag before the top has been bound and handles added.


The pattern called for plaited handles using a combination of the fabrics from the outside of the bag.  These were  machine sewn into place on to the outside of the bag and to hide the raw edges  of the handles each one was covered with two appliqué leaves which were stuffed with the same wadding as the bag (Hobbs) and stitched with stem and vein lines (pinned on to the bag above) then hand stitched in place.

ET VOILA!  The finished result – perfect for a summer wedding – I am so very happy 🙂

Twisted rose tutorial

I Love this Bag – Bag No’s 5 & 6

This time I decided to ‘go it alone’  – no pattern, just a photograph of a bag which I saw at a show and the fabrics to make it.  Actually making the bag wasn’t too difficult but one of the hardest things was getting the proportions right – once I had done that (admittedly by trial and error) I was very

happy with the result.  The original bag which I had photographed had reverse appliqué ‘blobs’ but as I had never done any reverse appliqué I ‘bottled’ and stuck with the ‘normal’ appliqué technique which I am familiar with.  Having made the shopper I decided to use the remaining fabrics for a handbag (using the drawstring pattern for bag no 4).

The leather handles make these bags and being so pleased with them I have learned not to scrimp on trimmings if I want a good end result.