Fur Coat and no Photographer

Living with a photographer is not everything you might expect it to be, i.e. when I need some photos done wearing the things I’ve made recently (in this instance two fun fur jackets and a fun fur sleeveless vest) I have found that the only way to get him to do them for me is to book a photo shoot!  Free of charge, of course, but even so.

I’ve “booked him” for next weekend so hopefully I will have some images and will post them then so watch this space …

I guess he has a point though, they will look better if I take the trouble to look nice.

Sunny days … sunny patterns

Sunny days can certainly inspire you to get creative.

I’ve bought two new patterns, the first one is a sewing pattern for another waistcoat which looks like it could be infinitely adaptable, McCalls 5887

I fancy making these in a variety of fabrics – really quite excited because they only take a metre or so of fabric so the possibilities are endless.

Burda 7513 (trashed)

Sorry – too bad to show you.

A combination of the pattern, the fabric and a sewing machine which wouldn’t sew properly (aaaagh) because I couldn’t get the tension right for thin fabric (I think it needs to be serviced) I wasn’t happy with the result at all.

The basic style was OK, just not a good fit for a big girl like me.

So on to the next item.

Burda 7513 (to be adapted)

So now that I’m sorted the first project is to make a top, by adapting a dress pattern and using some fabric I bought last year.

The pattern is Burda 7513 and the fabric is some turquoise cheesecloth which only cost £1 a metre so that I can test whether the pattern works and check the fit.  The idea is to copy the style of some garments I saw and liked but couldn’t find a pattern similar, the dress pattern was the nearest so I am hoping it works – or that at least it can be adapted further, if necessary, to work.

I am making a cut-off version of view B.

This pattern has been recommended, with modifications, on Pattern Review so I am hopeful.

Thinking about summer

With spring definitely here, despite a return of cold weather, I’ve started thinking about making some new summer dresses and bought two patterns and some fabric to start me off.

I wanted something to remind me of the dresses I wore for my honeymoon (how soft am I!) because they were so cool and comfortable and these two patterns fit the bill.

Firstly Simplicity 5189

and secondly Simplicity 2888

I’ve bought the fabrics and already made the first one, which is loose and comfortable if we do get any hot days, (apologies for the awful photo) in a really soft polyester viscose:

The second will be a bit more tricky as I have to alter the bust to fit me so that the under-bust band actually goes where it should and not half way up my boobs – one of the disadvantages of being out of proportion and well endowed!

This is the fabric though, it’s a fairly stiff  cotton satin (I think) and I reckon it will be well worth making the effort to get the fit right.

Wedding project

Something which I have on my list of things to do (but which can wait until a day when I really feel like sewing so that I make a good job of it) is to make this short jacket (Butterick 5251 view C)  in purple crushed velvet  (which I still have to buy) for my friend Lyn.

She is getting married in September and wants everything to be unique, the way she wants it to be, very creative, very personal, very individual (like she is) and with help from her daughter and friends!  I am really looking forward to the wedding as it won’t be at all conventional.  She is even planning to sing with her band afterwards.  It will be really lively and lots of fun!

Which I guess is why she’s one of my best friends.