Drawstring Pocket – Bag No 4

Through a desire to keep trying different styles and approaches the next bag pattern I bought had an inside pocket with a drawstring top which I wanted to try out.  I like to acknowledge where I get my patterns from but in this case the information isn’t on the patter – so if anyone can enlighten me – please do.

Living in a city I like to be sure that my belongings are secure and this inside pocket design looked like it would be very practical for keeping valuables safe.  I also rather liked the fabrics shown on the pattern and the  embroidery and button flowers which are rather cute.  Since I was looking for a change from batiks  I bought the kit this time.

This bag was quilted using Hobbs again and I used one of the built in machine embroidery stitches on my machine to do the quilting, a leaf and stem design going up the patchwork to complement the flower stems and a wavy stitch going across so that the bag wouldn’t look too ‘busy’.

On to the next one – maybe a shopping bag?