Sorry, it’s been a year…

… and what a year.

At the turn of the year my Dad was seriously ill, on and off, for a few months and although we expected him to recover, sadly, he unexpectedly died leaving us shocked and absolutely devastated.

Within a week we had to say goodby to our much loved friend, our rescued labrador/great Dane cross, H who was getting too “creaky” at nearly 16 years old.

So as excuses for absence go I think these are fair enough.

Family, work and life and death and everything associated with these just have to take priority over the fun stuff but in the meantime life does go on and I have been trying to stay positive and creative in-between all of this, I just haven’t been inclined to blog about it.

Now I am finding there is a different sort of normal which I can live with so I might just get myself organised and get ready to start posting again.  So please watch this space.


Happy New Year

Having considered whether I should commit myself to any new year resolutions and after giving this matter a lot of thought I have come up with a couple of overarching resolutions which I think might just do:

ONE:  I will spend more time doing the things I want to do… … not just thinking about spending time doing the things I want to do (whilst doing the things I don’t)!

TWO:  I will be the best I can be.

And THREE, which is specific to this, I will post something in my blog at least once a month!