A really sunny style

The other pattern I’ve bought is for knitting, a little summer cardigan in some lovely wool, I’m going to try this out with some wool from the stash first while I decide which colour mix to get.

Vist Sirdar Summer Stripes on their website to look at the options and you will see why it is so hard to decide.  They are all so yummy!


New years resolution (a bit late but whatever…)

I don’t know about other crafters but I have a real problem with starting projects… then getting distracted… then making something else… or even lots of something elses… then getting distracted… starting something new again… etc…etc…etc.  End result some finished projects and sadly lots of work in progress.

So my resolution is to re-visit all my unfinished items and actually get them done.  This has led me to do some knitting for a change which has been rather pleasant as something to do in front of the TV during all the dreadful weather we have had over the last couple of months.  My first project in progress was a large cardigan (again good for the time of year) for which I’d done the back and one front then put down over a year ago.

If I remember correctly my Mum bought me the pattern and the wool ages ago

I don’t think either are available now which shows how long I store things before starting … or finishing them!  However, with a new determination to finish what I’ve started and quite a few nights in front of the telly I now have a new cardigan to snuggle up in.

Fingerless Gloves

My most recent craze has been for fingerless gloves or hand warmers.  I spent hours searching for free patterns and found quite a few that I liked.  What started this off was a pair of gloves I bought from Accessorize in January and the persistent thought that “I could make these”,  My favourite pattern (because I seriously wanted to avoid having to knit with 4 needles – not very practical with 2 lively dogs around) was one for a knit and crochet pair from   CREATIVEYARN pictured below as they are on the site

and then as I have made them, below.  I changed the bow to a flower, added a thumb and only used two wools as my stock of odd balls didn’t offer another complementary colour.  Also, they are a bit too chunky as I used Aran weight wool but not bad for a first try, I will use DK for the next pair.

I should add that the pattern was very straightforward and quick to make – I managed to make this pair in one evening. 🙂