Fur Coat and no Photographer

Living with a photographer is not everything you might expect it to be, i.e. when I need some photos done wearing the things I’ve made recently (in this instance two fun fur jackets and a fun fur sleeveless vest) I have found that the only way to get him to do them for me is to book a photo shoot!  Free of charge, of course, but even so.

I’ve “booked him” for next weekend so hopefully I will have some images and will post them then so watch this space …

I guess he has a point though, they will look better if I take the trouble to look nice.


15 Boards and Numerous Pins Later!

After searching and pinning I am now bursting with ideas.

This week I hot washed all my scraps of wool fabric to felt them all and I’m now ready to make some flowers from some of the many tutorials I’ve found. I’m even planning to embellish a long wool coat I made last year which I like but don’t wear because it lacks something to make it special. I had loads of the fabric left over so it seems like a plan.

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Pinterest is a dangerous thing

How addictive is this going to be?!

I’ve just joined Pinterest and I am having fun pinning everything which I’d been saving links for in Netvibes.  Nobody warned me about the e-mails though but that is in hand now I’ve looked at and changed some of the settings.

Do you think I can give up work and spend all my time doing this….?  And will I ever find time to make anything again?!  Looks like the New Years Resolutions might be at risk already.  Still it is fun 🙂

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Happy New Year

Having considered whether I should commit myself to any new year resolutions and after giving this matter a lot of thought I have come up with a couple of overarching resolutions which I think might just do:

ONE:  I will spend more time doing the things I want to do… … not just thinking about spending time doing the things I want to do (whilst doing the things I don’t)!

TWO:  I will be the best I can be.

And THREE, which is specific to this, I will post something in my blog at least once a month!