Some more fabric flowers …

… this time made from brown denim taken from some jeans which I will be making into a bag (or two). Sorry for the quality of the image but it was a really bright, sunny, day in my conservatory craft room (for a change).

Brown upcycled jeans fabric flowers

The inspiration came from Creations by Kara but I made a few changes: 5 petals instead of 6; two rows of petals instead of one; a neatened square of the denim fabric for the backing; an ordinary button for the centre.  Very pleased with the result though.

Have a look at these and more ideas which I have pinned on my Fabric Flowers board on Pinterest
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Fabric Flowers, first attempt

For these I copied a brooch which I’d been given for my birthday.  They haven’t worked as well as I would have liked because the fabric hadn’t felted properly (I should have hot washed it again) but too keen to wait I made them anyway.

Felted fabric flowers

These will come in handy for something, maybe at Christmas.

There are a number of tutorials for similar flowers pinned on my fabric flowers board on Pinterest.
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